3 mistakes that can make a good relationship go bad. Everyone knows it takes work to keep a relationship alive and exciting.  I’ve narrowed down 3 common mistakes that, if continued, the relationship may not be able to withstand the damage. 3 mistakes that can make a good relationship go bad

3 mistakes that can make a good relationship go bad.

Mistake #1:

The two of you don’t share things with each other emotionally.  You need to tell each other what you love, what you care about, what inspires you as a person.  This is called intimacy and the couples who feel intimate are 67% more likely to be happy in their relationship.

Mistake #2:

The two of you are not friends, or at least you don’t treat each other as nicely as you would a friend.  Spending time together laughing, flirting with each other and sharing light moments are vital.  Being friends with your partner is one of the most cited factors of healthy couples.

Mistake #3

You rarely argue.  I know this sounds strange, but couples are going to argue.  The key is to argue well and in a way that is respectful.  Talk to each other about disagreements, find solutions and compromises instead of tearing each apart with negative, hurtful communication.  Research shows that couples who argue but still feel cared for and respected by their partners are most satisfied in their relationship.

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