Attraction Is Easy In The Beginning Of Your Relationship4 Ways To Maintain Attraction In Relationships

4 Ways To Maintain Attraction In Relationships

It takes a little work to keep it going, but the results are worth it! Here are 4 easy ways to keep the fires burning in your relationship.

  1. Put each other first.

    Yes, life gets busy.  We all have that never-ending to do list.  This is easy.  Put your relationship first, then decide how to make room for everything else.  Something may have to go, but it does not need to be your relationship.  Most of us are overextended anyway.  Choose what is important to you.

  2. Work on yourself.

    Make the changes necessary in your life so that you can be fully present for your partner.  All of us can get burned out.  So make sure you carve out even a little bit of time for yourself so that you can recharge and be ready to enjoy your relationship.

  3. Be there for your partner.

    Have there been times that your partner has needed you and you were “too busy” with other things to be there?  Make the decision to choose your partner as your priority.  Look at it from your partner’s perspective.  When you need someone to be there for you, don’t you want it to be the most important person in your life?

  4. Let your partner be who they are.

    Have you tried to change your partner?  Think about it.  Are there times that you cause them to feel they are not doing enough or that they are not good enough?   When you accept your partner as they are, you create an atmosphere that invites openness and acceptance.  These are vital components that create growth and closeness in your relationship.

Try all of these suggestions, or even pick one.  You will notice the difference in how your partner reacts to you.

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