5 signs you are in a ‘make me crazy’ relationship

Divorce Counseling Dothan 5 signs you are in a 'make me crazy' relationship

5  signs to look out for:

1.  You find that you make excuses for your partner’s behavior.  

Ex.  ‘Well, he’s been under a lot of stress lately.’  ‘ I’m not always the easiest person to live with…no wonder she acts the way she does.’

2.  You second guess and doubt yourself more and more.  

Ex. ‘Am I making too much out of this? Am I being too sensitive or overly dramatic?’

3.  You disregard your feelings and it becomes all about pleasing your partner.  

Ex. ‘Just let it go.  I blow things way out of proportion!’

4.  Your anger never quite seems to get resolved.    

Your attempts to communicate with him or her make you feel like you’re speaking an entirely different language.

5.  You feel like you’re always in the process of trying to fix the situation.  

You can feel overly guilty and that you are constantly working to make things right, even when it may not be your responsibility.

If you’re in a ‘make me crazy‘ relationship, consider (Relationships can make our lives wonderful.)  But some relationships can make you feel like you are going crazy! your relationship history and patterns.  Maybe life experiences have caused you to be drawn to people who are emotionally unavailable.  Often, people who struggle with self acceptance are the ones most likely to be pulled into a dynamic where the other has little ability to take responsibility for poor behavior.

First, learn to treat yourself well.  Changing your relationship with yourself will have a profound impact on the people you choose to let into your intimate world.

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