What kind of communicator are you

Types of Communication

What kind of communicator are you? Couples Therapy Dothan

Assertive, Aggressive or Passive Communicator? Most of the time, assertive communication is best.  Assertive communication is characterized by using “I statements” instead of “you statements.”  Assertiveness means taking responsibility for your own feelings, and not blaming others.

Imagine a scenario where you’d like to request that your partner arrive on time for a date, and he or she has a history of being late.

  • An aggressive communicator would say,

    “You’d better be on time, or I’ll just leave.  I’m sick of waiting around for you.”

  • A passive communicator would probably not say anything,

    but would get angry when their partner arrived late again.

  • An assertive communicator would say,

    “When you are consistently late for our dates, I feel like I am not a priority to you.  It would mean a lot to me for you to arrive on time.”

When you practice assertiveness, you will experience more effective and enjoyable communications.  Do not be too hard on yourself if you do not do it perfectly all the time; just take each conversation one at a time and assertiveness will begin to come naturally to you.

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