Invisible PartnersDo you feel invisible in your relationship?

Life gets so busy with work and family responsibilities that you and your partner often only see each other in passing (Invisible Partners)or to briefly talk about what needs to be picked up at the grocery store or where the kids need to be dropped off for the latest activity.


With all of this going on, it’s easy to start feeling invisible in your relationship. Everything else seems like the priority:

  • getting that project done for work or school
  • taking the kids to dance, softball practice, friend’s party
  • accepting the latest social invitation from your co-worker

Unfortunately, most of us tend to give more time and effort to our jobs, friends and others than we do to our relationships. Partners start to become invisible to each other, almost like those comfortable old shoes that we never give much thought to but want them there when we are ready to pick them up.

How to fix this problem:

Take an honest look at all of the extra activities you have going in your life. I know it’s easy to find all sorts of ways to stay busy. All of us are given opportunities daily to get involved with this project or that event. And some of them may be really great things, but if taking on another project is at the expense of your relationship, then it costs too much.

Easy formula:

Decrease the time you spend on outside activities and increase the time you spend with your partner and on your relationship.

Take time daily to connect with your partner to say, “I see you, you are not invisible to me.”

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