Personal Counseling

Personal counseling services are available for individuals who want to fix personal issues that keep them from having the life and relationship they want. Common areas covered in personal counseling may include:

  • Individual Counseling
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Low Self Esteem
  • Past Trauma/Experiences
  • Jealousy
  • Anger
  • Stress
  • People Pleasing Behavior
  • Fear of Commitment

Break Ups

Personal counseling is beneficial for individuals recovering from a divorce or break-up, and wanting to learn how to avoid repeating past relationship mistakes. This can help you learn to process experiences from a divorce or break-up, so you aren’t carrying unnecessary baggage to your next relationship. Knowing that this is a significant life experience, counseling support can make a world of difference in helping you navigate your way forward, process emotions and learn about yourself.

Single with Questions

If you are single and looking for a relationship – personal counseling can help. You may have questions and want to learn more about…

  • How to choose the person who is right for you
  • What’s the differences between a healthy and unhealthy relationship
  • How to get your needs met in a relationship

Relationship Counseling

Engaged or Newlywed

Relationship counseling can provide support for engaged couples and your premarital relationship, for example….

  • How to prepare for marriage
  • What to expect for living together
  • How to deal with challenges and conflict

New couples shouldn’t feel that seeking counseling support is a sign of weakness. In fact it really demonstrates your mutual willingness to create a deep and lasting union. Newlyweds may seek counseling support on…

  • How to handle common issues that arise in new relationships
  • Finances
  • Families of Origin and Cultural Diversity
  • Parenting Differences
  • Household Chores/Responsibilities

Couples wanting to reconnect in their relationship:

For couples who have been together for some time, you may be wanting to revitalize your relationship. If you feel your relationship seems stagnant, seeking relationship counseling can help you….

  • Find and Rekindle Passion and feel like a couple again, instead of roommates or just good friends
  • Learn how to be a couple, not just parents, after the children are born
  • Identify what might be keeping you stuck and how to overcome obstacles

Couples wanting to repair their relationship:

Learn how to rebuild your relationship after infidelity. After the affair, the first couple of weeks are critical to the outcome of your relationship. Counseling gives you the tools to assess what has happened, how to deal with the crisis and where to go from here. Here are a few examples that may relate to your own life situation….

Emotional Affairs

This type of affair happens when you or your partner turns to someone outside the relationship for support, understanding, affection…If left unchecked, emotional affairs can quickly escalate into a physical infidelity…Seek counseling now before if goes any further…

Rebuilding Trust

After trust has been broken, it can feel like you will never get it back…You feel betrayed and shocked by the infidelity…Counseling helps you learn how to trust again…

Internet addiction

Sometimes it is not a person who has come between you and your partner, but an ideal or fantasy from the internet…You are left feeling angry and confused and that you are less than what your partner needs…Counseling helps you to process and make sense of this behavior so that you can get your life back on track…


Almost all problems in relationships stem from couples not knowing how to communicate. Almost nothing can be resolved in a relationship without good communication. Without it, your words fall on deaf ears so the problems continue to get worse. Counseling teaches you the tools you need to talk to your partner so that you feel heard, validated and supported.

There is no magic wand for a great relationship. Things will not get better without help. Take Action.
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