Should You Move in Together? Counseling Services DothanShould You Move in Together? Living together has become a natural progression for couples. Many couples think of living together as a trial run for marriage before tying the knot.  There are many upsides to living together and new adjustments couples can benefit from experiencing first hand, life changes that can answer many questions about your relationship.

If you and your partner are thinking about moving in together, here are 3 important points to consider:

1. Make sure you are moving in together for the right reasons, such as wanting to share living space and be close to each other. Do not move in together to save money, escape from a current bad living situation or to try to speed up the commitment process with your partner.

2. Just because you are moving in together, do not assume that wedding bells are automatically on the way. Your timetable for the two of you may be completely different from what your partner has in mind. Your expectations need to be discussed prior to moving in. Otherwise you may be very disappointed.

3. It may seem like a great idea for one of you to just move into the other’s place. But doing so can bring on a new set of problems. The one who moves in may never truly feel at home and even feel like an intruder at times. Even deciding about furnishings may be an issue because the person who was living there first interprets the other as coming in and trying to ‘change’ everything. The best solution is to find a new place and move in together as a couple with a fresh start.

Should you move in together? Cohabitation may give the two of you a preview of what life together will be like. A word of caution though. Living together may be more difficult than being married because there are no clear boundaries, leaving much room for confusion and mixed feelings about what you can or cannot expect from each other. For success, it is vital that the two of you discuss your needs, wants and expectations of each other before you say yes to moving in together.

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