Therapy for Therapists

Therapy for Therapists A safe space to let your guard down.

Counseling for therapists

I know from experience how hard it can be to find a therapist when you’re a therapist yourself. You need someone with specialized knowledge about how to care for a fellow therapist well.

You may also feel concerned about finding a confidential space to work with a therapist when the world of therapists can seem incredibly small. You want to be absolutely sure that your therapist will respect your privacy.

You might be looking for your own therapist because you’re feeling overwhelmed by the countertransference you’re experiencing as a trainee and you need help processing what’s come up.

Or maybe a colleague suggested you seek personal therapy because of something that’s come up in your work.

Or maybe you’re looking for a therapist to support you through any number of human experiences because therapists are people too.

Therapy for Therapists

However you arrived here, I’m so glad you’re here. Read on to see if my counseling services might be a good fit for you.

As a therapist, you need support just as much as everyone else, if not more.

When left unchecked, therapists can be especially prone to burnout, depression, and even depersonalization or dissociation.

I’ve been there. We have a tendency to take on more than we can handle in the name of helping others.

But this isn’t sustainable. You are just as human as the clients that you serve.

In many circles in our field, we receive messages that we ought to have our “stuff together,” which makes it feel less safe to explore ways that life feels messy (and life gets messy because we’re human!)

You may even be questioning whether you chose the right profession.

If any of these experiences describe you: you need a space where you can safely take off your “therapist” hat, let your guard down, and let someone else care your needs.

Since you’re a fellow therapist, you may find it helpful to hear about my therapeutic style. I tailor my approach to your individual needs, often pulling from more than one therapeutic style to help you reach your goals.

Ultimately, I align with you so that your sessions help restore your soul and leave you feeling recharged and renewed.

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