Why Do Newlyweds Cheat? Ask Dothan CounselingWhy Do Newlyweds Cheat? Spring is here and as summer approaches, we officially enter wedding season. We’ll watch couples exchange vows and hit the dance floor before taking off on their honeymoons and, supposedly, years of wedded bliss.

However, even newlywed couples, who glow so brightly on their wedding days, are cheating on their spouses not too long after they say, “I do.” According to a study at the University of Washington Center for the Study of Health and Risk Behaviors, men and women admitted to cheating at a rate of 20 and 15 percent respectively, which is higher than 15 years ago. So why are newlyweds so vulnerable to infidelity?

Women’s Health reported on why newly married men cheat. “Marriage hits guys harder. Compared with dating and an engagement, marriage is serious business. It can seem like a drag, especially to men.” Men can feel a lot of newfound pressure once they tie the knot, especially if he feels he must take on the role of provider and model husband. This stress can lead to straying outside the marriage to re-live his more relaxed days of dating.

The Internet also plays a role on why newlyweds can be unfaithful. Men and women who contemplated cheating before, but did not have the time or energy to go through with it, now have the opportunity to fulfill their desires almost hassle-free. It can be just as easy as a few clicks away to find someone for a date or for sex.

Why Do Newlyweds Cheat?

Another factor to be considered, even for those in the earliest years of marital bliss, is that if one partner has cheated before, he or she is more likely to do it again. Maybe the best thing to be aware of is whether your man has a history of following his wandering eyes.

So while we all dream of nuptials and rings and receptions, infidelity can occur, even at the beginning of marriage, no matter how beautiful the wedding may have been.

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