Listening is one of the most important tools you can master for great communication in your relationship.

3 Roadblocks to Listening

3 Roadblocks to Listening
Listening takes effort…and it doesn’t happen automatically.

There are many roadblocks that get in the way of our ability to listen and hear each other.

 Here are three of the worst:

  1. Making assumptions about your partner

    When you tell your partner how they feel or what they mean, you immediately shut down the conversation.  The word “you” frequently causes a defensive reaction.  Instead, try to reflect what your partner said by saying something like, “It sounds like…” or “If I understand what you’re saying…”
    Then, be open to him or her letting you know if you really understood or not;  some clarification may be necessary.

  2. Mental chatter

    It’s possible to look like you are listening even when you’re not.  However, to truly listen, you need to do more than just put on your “listening face.”  You must turn off your mental chatter and focus on your partner.

    Stop thinking about your to-do list.  Don’t think ahead to what you will say when your partner stops talking.

  3. Interrupting

    As your partner is speaking or thinking, you cut him or her off to present your line of thinking.  Doing this clearly conveys a lack of respect for your partner’s point of view.

You might be surprised how much your conversation with your partner improves just by eliminating these 3 Roadblocks to Listening

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