relationship therapy dothan1. That you want to make their life easier.

Five things to say to make your sweetheart feel loved. The strongest relationships happen when two independent, emotionally stable people decide they want to help each other live the most fulfilling lives possible.  So tell your partner, ‘I want to be a positive influence in your life; is there anything I could do today that would take some pressure off you?’ This is not saying to take on their responsibilitits or do everything for them, it just means to offer caring support.

2.  That you want to date them.

Just because you are in a relationship with someone does not mean the dating stops.  Going on dates together keeps your connection growing.  Try an activity together, such as bowling or take a dance class together.  Or do something more romantic, like going all out with candlelight, sexy music and spend some dedicated connection time in your bedroom.  No phones or tablets in sight, please!

3.  That you want to know about their day.

A cornerstone of communication is ‘catching up’ with each other.  Simply asking, “how was your day?” is a great opener.  Then listen attentively to what they tell you, ask questions, offer encouraging feedback and support.

4.  That you find them attractive.

It is a huge turn-on to hear that your partner still finds you attractive.  Compliment their physical appearance ,’you look beautiful/I love your smile/eyes/outfit, have you been working out?’ Or compliment their character or personality, ‘I love how caring/thoughtful/open-minded/creative you are.’

5.  That they are a priority.

It’s easy to let your partner become less of a priority when you shift from a ‘wanting’ mindset to a ‘having’ mindset..  Tell them, “I want to always put you first, and if I ever forget, nudge me back to reality. You are the most important person in my life and I want to make sure you always feel like you are.”

2 bonus phrases that are self-explanatory but can turn a relationship in trouble around quickly:

I LOVE YOUrelationship therapy dothan


Don’t just read this 5 things to say to make your sweetheart feel loved and forget it.  Take action.  Choose one of the above things and say it to your partner in the next 48 hours!

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