We all face difficult situations with people we come into contact with in our daily lives. Check these 7 Ways to Handle a Difficult Encounter7 Ways to Handle a Difficult Encounter at Dothan counseling

Whether it be someone from work, church, or school, it can be very stressful to deal with. Below are some methods to address others that will decrease the stress level as much as possible.

1. Keep the interaction as short as possible.

If dealing with a problem personality, make sure to minimize your time with them.

2. Make the focus about them.

You want to avoid being this person’s target so lessen their ability to twist or manipulate your words. When it is about them, you are on safer ground.

3. Approach the situation logically, sticking only to facts as much as possible.

Resist the urge to reason or connect with them because this will only lead to upsetting you.

4. Recognize that this person may never understand your feelings or ever be able to be the person you need them to be or act the way you want them to act.

Accepting them as they are can be a huge burden off of your mind.

5. Avoid trying to get them to see your side of things.

The more you try to explain yourself, the more ammunition you give them. You will be the one feeling drained in the end.

6. Stay away from hot topics.

If you know a certain topic usually invites an attack from this person, be prepared to change the subject when it arises.

7. Plan the encounter so that there are distractions or ‘buffers’, such as a restaurant or other public place.

Having other people around can usually keep a situation from escalating.

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