Codependent Relationships - Signs of Being Too Needy?Codependent Relationships – Signs of Being Too Needy? We can learn a great deal about how to identify unhealthy dynamics of codependent relationships? For many couples, friends and even family members this typically includes a series of dependent behaviors by either person in a relationship, which may also be enabled by the other person in the relationship. Codependent people tend to look for other people to help them feel better about themselves. They modify parts of themselves to fit what they think someone else needs from them. A codependent person will “rescue” someone else to the point that he or she becomes dependent on the “reward”of being needed.

Codependent Relationships – Signs of Being Too Needy?

Dothan Counseling offers some indicators that you may be codependent in your relationships:

1) Overresponsibility for the well being of others

2) Doing anything to hold onto a relationship even though the other person does little to nothing in return

3) Feeling guilty when you voice your own needs

4) Fear of being alone

5) Constant need for approval

6) Lack of trust and value in yourself

7) Feelings are hurt when someone does not recognize all you do for them

Being codependent and caring for others to the sacrifice of your own needs can quickly get overwhelming and exhausting. Stopping unhealthy behavior in codependent relationships can be achieved by learning to value and care for yourself first and then taking care of others will fall into place.

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