5 Ways Women Sabotage Relationships5 Ways Women Sabotage Relationships. You just don’t understand. You do everything right in your relationship but there are still problems! Here are 5 ways that you may be contributing to relationship sabotage!

1. Communicating too much

Yes, the key to a healthy relationship is communication.  But too much of a good thing can be, well, too much.  Facebook, texting, email and instant messaging provide constant contact all day long.  How do you have time to miss each other when you are in constant contact?  What do you have to connect about when you are together at the end of the day?  Besides, learning about every detail each other experiences during the day can quickly lead to boredom and boredom can be deadly to relationships.

2. You don’t see yourself for the beautiful person and great catch that you are

Do you insist on “lights out” when you are intimate?  Does the thought of your sweetheart seeing you without the strategically placed blankets make you cringe with anxiety?  While these may seem like your issues to work through, they can actually have a huge effect on your relationship.  When you do not feel sexy and confident, you do not feel like having sex.  Without sex, it can seem like the two of you are just really good friends.  If there are things about yourself that you are not comfortable with, then find a way to change them.   But remember this, the things about yourself that you just KNOW your man is turned off by are more than likely not even concerns to him.  He thinks you are beautiful…so the next time he tells you so, believe him!

3. You bad mouth him to your friends and family when he makes a mistake

As a woman, you know how differently men and women are wired.  Is he insensitive at times?  Of  course.  Does he say the wrong thing at the wrong time?  Yes!  But choosing to focus on the negative things about him and dwelling on these can alter your perception of him and damage the bond between you.  Remember that he is a good guy and that he does do kind things for you.  A simple shift in mindset to focus on the positive will make a huge difference.

4. You take great pride in how much you give and how much you do for him

At the core, women are nurturing and caring.  Sometimes we are extremely giving in our relationship.  It becomes a problem when you start to feel that your man does not do nearly enough for you.  You start to be a “martyr,”  telling him and others, “Look how I am treated after all I have done.”  Here is a secret:  Men like for women to be a bit selfish.  They like that they do not have to feel obligated or overly needed by you.  It frees them up to WANT to be with you.

5. Expecting too much from him

If you are like most women, you have fantasized about that perfect man since you were a little girl.  The way he will sweep you off your feet, take care of you, bring you roses for no reason, plan fantastic vacations for the two of you.  If you start to expect your fantasies as requirements that your boyfriend or husband must live up to, then that can be a problem.  For example, if you have a set idea of what the perfect birthday gift would be and he comes up with a sweater you are not particularly crazy about, then there is a gap between your expectations and the reality of who your man is.  This is not to say that having fantasies and a wish list for your relationship is wrong.  It can be exciting!  It turns into relationship sabotage when the fantasies cause constant disappointment in your relationship.  Focus on the great times you and your sweetheart have together and the thoughtful things he does for you and your bond will strengthen.

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