Relationship Therapy Dothan. In my work with couples, at Dothan Counseling I see women who are working very hard to make their relationships work.  There are 3 common mistakes these women are making however, that is making their man run away as fast as possible. Do you accidently push him away? Here are the biggest ways women can push their man away:

1.  Negativity.  When a woman feels insecure in her relationship, she makes statements such as, “You are getting tired of me, you must want someone who is more successful, thin, prettier, etc than me.”. Or, “I have just had such bad luck with relationships, you are probably going to leave me too, aren’t you?”   Believe me, no man has ever decided to commit to a woman because she “needed” him or because he felt “obligated” to her.  Exude confidence and he will be more apt to want to be with you.

2.  Testing him.  Maybe your insecurity causes you to create scenarios to “test” his commitment and loyalty to you.  You may pick a fight or do little things to make him jealous just to see how far he will go to prove how much he cares for you.  These are sure fire ways to make him doubt your commitment to him.  So you can see how quickly this approach can backfire.

3. Letting old patterns get in the way.  I have discovered that at the root of most relationship problems, there is fear. Fear of two things:

1) rejection.

2) abandonment.

Sometimes when a woman fears that a man is pulling away from her, she will act out in ways that make this result come about.  In many ways, out of fear, you can sabotage a relationship before he has a chance to do so.

Strong emotions can cloud a woman’s judgement in relationships, causing her to do things that bring a relationship to a screeching halt.

Have you ever done any of these things in your relationship? Relationship Therapy Dothan at Dothan Consoling can help you navigate these issues.

Doing an inventory to weed out the behaviors that push him away, may be just the thing to turn your relationship around.

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